Je l'aime & Elle me le rend bien...
Grâce à ma Page Marilyn,
Me voici à l'Honneur sur Inspire Me,
[Réseau Ning Webster's Pages]
Mon petit moment de Gloire...
Je cite :
"Paper crafters are often creating projects for other people,
like cards, or about other people that are dear to them, like family.
This page shows another way to tell a story,
this time about the creator of the page.
Even without words, it tells us who she thought was beautiful,
and something about her personal tastes.
Thank you MamzelleM for your wonderful inspiration
and for sharing your beautiful page"Marilyn Monroe."
Congratulations on making banner of the week! :o)"
Brandin xo

4 commentaires:

Ruth a dit…

Congratulations!! I adore Websters Pages and it si such n honour to be placed on the main bar!!! Then again it is sucvh a wonderful and innovative layout you surely deserve it!!
ps: Have you looked at "Lets get Shabby" challenge blog? You'd love the work on their it's just your style!!
Hugs Ruth xxx

Mulot a dit…

Et c'est bien mérité tu sais !

christine a dit…

bravo! cette page méritait d'être à l'honneur.

Fabienne et Franck a dit…

Oui, oui, oui! Trop contente pour toi! Cette page est si jolie, si originale, et tellement toi! Bravo!